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Lazy Susan

Posted on 2nd June, 2020
It is a quick tip that might just make life on the top shelf of your fridge a little easier.
Digging through the back of your fridge to find a certain ingredient is a pain. Instead, use a Lazy Susan to bring that food to you!
Lazy Susan

Oil Up

Posted on 1st May, 2020
Whether you are adding honey to tea, or you need to measure any sticky substance, it will generally stick. This does not just happen with things like honey and syrup, but even with vegetable shortening or sour cream. If you want to get an accurate measurement and save yourself some cleaning, then this tip is just for you.
honeyWhen baking, you use butter or oil to keep your cookies (or whatever you are making) from sticking to the pan. Similarly, if you want to prevent anything from sticking to a spoon or measuring cup, just add some oil. This is particularly convenient if your recipe calls for oil already because you can just measure out the oil first. If it does not, just pour a little drop in the measuring device and spread it around with a napkin or paper towel. This little amount of effort will make cleaning easier later.

Calculator Hidden

Posted on 27th April, 2020
A surprising number of iPhone users do not realise that the built-in calculator app actually offers a scientific calculator, too. To find it, just rotate your iPhone from portrait to landscape mode.

Domains In A Press

Posted on 26th April, 2020

Did you know that when you type a domain name in a web browser on your iPhone that if you hold down the full stop button also known as a period button then a full list of domains will populate in a list, simply select the one you want?


Just Because It Is Stale

Posted on 14th April, 2020
Do not throw out your old scones. Stale scones are great ingredients for cooked desserts and you will find below a quick guide on how to prepare something similar to bread and butter pudding dessert. Do not just follow my recipe but use it as a guide and try to understand what you do and why you do it. There are no exact quantities. To make more sense of the recipe, you need to know what scones are made of. Because they are mostly made of lots of flour and a small amount of butter and sugar (the proportion being 15g of butter and 5g of sugar for 100g of flour). So, you will need to add eggs, butter, more sugar, some flavouring (vanilla or even liqueur if you like it) and some “wetting agent” in the form of milk as the scones are stall and need moisture put back in.  You can also add cream as an optional ingredient to give it a more luxury feel to it.
Cut the scones into slices.
breadpudding1Add 1 egg, 30g soft brown (or white) sugar, 80-100g double cream, about 100ml-150ml milk and some vanilla essence.
breadpudding2Push down the scones with a fork to soak up the milk mixture.
Cook at 180 degrees C for 25-30 minutes.
If you like almonds, add 1 or 2 tbsp of ground almond to the milk mixture. You could also add 1 or 2 tbsp of liqueur such as Rum, Brandy or your favourite tipple. You might also want to add other dried fruit such as chopped dried apricot but I prefer using just raisins myself. If you experiment and end up with something really nice, you will be very proud of your achievement. Above all have fun and be proud of yourself for not wasting those scones you may have otherwise thrown out.

Droopy, Rubbery And Squishy

Posted on 4th April, 2020
Do you have Droopy Celery?  Rubbery Carrots?  Squishy Potatoes?  Think you need to throw them out? 
Well, stop right there as you can revive them!
I am embarrassed to let you see my celery, but the good news is that I had learned how to rejuvenate soft celery, carrots and potatoes a while back, so I did not have to throw it out.
I never like to throw food out, so I decided that I needed to figure out how to revive my carrots, celery and potatoes and preferably without needing to take up to much space in my refrigerator.
With a little experimenting, I learned that you can revive limp celery, carrots and even soft potatoes in room temperature water, but for that extra crispy crunch it is best led overnight in the fridge and here is how to do it.
For Celery:  cut a bit off the bottom end before putting in the water.  Place bottom down in the water.
For Carrots:  cut a bit off the top end before putting in the water.  Place top (fat end) down in the water.
For Potatoes:  Peel and cover with water.
Left whole, it will take two to three hours to make these veggies crisp again and if you cut the veggies into strips or pieces and totally cover them with water, it will take as little as thirty minutes.

Dishwasher Safe

Posted on 26th March, 2020
If you are one of the lucky ones like me, then your dishwasher has a smaller grid work that far fewer items fall through, but for those of you who do not have this luxury, I dare say the bain of your life is forever bending down to pick you items that have fallen to the bottom of the dishwasher, or even worse the item got wedged between the cage and the rotating blades, only to find it has stopped your dishwasher from doing the job properly.
Fear not as this solution ends that very problem for less than a few pounds.
Keep mini Tupperware lids, baby-bottle caps, and other small items from falling through the dishwasher rack with a laundry drawstring mesh bag. Gone are the days of diving for treasure on the floor of the dishwasher.

Shower Cap vs. Food Wrap

Posted on 8th March, 2020
Does anyone still use the shower caps that you get free along with your other toiletries in your hotel room? Well, I dare say some people do and my guess is, it is the businesswomen.
Well, with this little handy tip for the chefs amongst us, those often deserted shower caps now can come in handy. Wives pay close attention to this one if your man is away on business a lot because he is going to be your source for these handy little plastic packets.
So here is how that shower cap comes in handy, not only because they are cheap and reusable, and definitely more manoeuvrable than plastic wrap, especially when you have a large container to cover and you find yourself struggling with multiple sheets sticking to one another.
But if you are staying in hotel rooms a lot they are also available in an abundance.
Shower Cap

What Is Good For Bug Bites?

Posted on 23rd February, 2020
It is not just in the hot summer weather than we tend to get bitten by nasty bugs and ticks but an all year round problem and it affects some people more than others.  When I get bitten by a bug the bitten area can swell to an alarming size and most of the time can be very itchy and inflamed and the medications help to fight and relieve the problems do not always work if anything I feel at times I am being exploited by the drug market.  We hear of the so-called old wives tales of remedies and as quick as we dismiss them, they really do work, take my word for it I have tried and tested some and listed below the best of the best.  Toothpaste seems to be the one that works best for me and for the longest period time (anything up to eight to ten hours).
This seems to be the quickest of all home remedies for mosquito bites. Simply moisten the bite area and then rub table salt on the moistened area. Itching should cease immediately.
Apple Cider Vinegar
To relieve the itching, rub apple cider vinegar directly on the mosquito bites.
Apple Cider
Toothpaste is another one of the fastest home remedies for mosquito bites. Just dab a bit of toothpaste onto the mosquito bites and the itching should stop very quickly. Peppermint toothpaste is by far the best.
Calamine Lotion
Apply calamine lotion to relieve the itching caused by mosquito bites.
Calamine Lotion
Witch Hazel
Make a paste out of witch hazel and baking soda. Apply it and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
Witch Hazel
The biggest problem derived from scratching one's itch is the threat of infections.
So, for itching that just won't stop, and if you just have to scratch, cut a lemon in half and scratch your itch with the soft pulpy side of it. This will reduce the chances of getting an infection from scratching with your fingernails.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E has proven to be one of the best home remedies for bug bites from ticks. Just rub vitamin E directly on the tick bite.
Vit E Oil