Testimonials: (tes.tɪˈməʊ.ni.əl)

Noun: reference, character reference, recommendation, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, certificate of competence.


This part of the website illustrates some of the kind words from clients and personal folk.

Stella Service - February 2020

Jezz, your customer service is absolutely Stella.

Friendly, Polite And Caring - January 2020

Jezz is always friendly, polite, caring and very helpful.  A credit to your store.

W Alton - November 2019

I have known Jezz in excess of 18 years now and have been able to rely on his high quality of care and consideration. He is meticulous and methodical with everything he takes on. He is completely reliable and devoted to the task in hand. He is a warm, friendly person with a kind heart.

Always Goes Above And Beyond - October 2019

Jezz has always gone above and beyond to help me out and is a real pleasure to chat with.

He makes for a real pleasurable experience when I am in your store.

Very Amenable - August 2019

Jezz is very amenable and always offers to help me. He is very genuine and will take the time to chat with me.

He is a nice helpful guy which is such a treat.

A Real Credit - June 2019

Whilst out shopping Jezz took he time to look after my daughter.  This really made her day and my shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

Small gestures really make a difference especially when you are shopping with small children.

Jezz is very professional, friendly and a real credit to your company.

Devildiva1 - May 2019

I booked a photography shoot with Jezz for my private collection. On the day of the shoot, I was quite nervous but Jezz was great putting me at ease and open about discussing what we were going to do through the day. He constantly checked in with me throughout the shoot and was happy to take a break when I needed one. A lovely man easy to talk to and work with.

First Line Of Support - April 2019

Jezz was my first line of support, he was quick to help and offered assistance in reading some information for me, he did some product research for me.

The service he offers shows he goes above and beyond his role. 

Paul Jeffreys - March 2019

I have always found Jezz to be extremely professional and very thorough. I have enjoyed the discussions with him regarding my photography requirements, particularly how he listens but more importantly, his input and suggestions are superb and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Jezz is a people’s person and it shows most when he is talking with his clients. I have observed and experienced how patient, polite and coherent he is on the telephone. His punctuality and reliability are flawless also. He is passionate about all aspects of his work, even more so with his time, when he is with his clients. Finally, he is very funny and quick-witted and I smile whenever I see him and think about him.

Surprise - February 2019

Jezz, thank you so much from the both of use for the chocolates, it was a lovely surprise.

Appreciating My Loyalty - January 2019

He is great, sometimes putting a special treat in my trolly thanking me for my custom, appreciating my loyalty. He always has a happy word of interest in what I am buying and shares his own recipes. He is a happy, informative and always recognises me.  Jezz aways goes above and beyond his role, helping me choose the right products.

Helping Hand - November 2018

Jezz helped me on the self serve checkouts without me even having to ask, he guided me on how to use them so I can do it myself on my next visit.

Invaluable Member Of Staff - July 2018

Please congratulate and pass on my sincere thanks to an invaluable member of staff, Jezz. He was very polite, friendly and offered and outstanding service that has cemented my loyalty to your store. 

Special Thanks - May 2018

Please give a special thank you to Jezz who went beyond his call of duty in advising me on a dish I wanted to cook for the first time.

Making My Kids Smile - February 2018

Jezz took time to talk to my seven-year-old son to talk about the Pokemon game he was playing, asking if there was any in the store as he was collecting them too. He offered my son and daughter a free cake from the bakery. This made my children's day, the look on their faces when they saw the cakes were amazing. Jezz didn't have to do that but it was such a lovely gesture.  Just wanted to let you know what a lovely man you are and thank you for making my kids smile.

Helpful Demure - November 2017

Took his time finding an item for me. His demure was helpful and attentive at all times.

Very Engaging - October 2017

Very engaging, polite jolly chap.

Lifted Spirits - June 2017

Jezz was very cordial and friendly and very knowledgeable. He has been helping my partner with recipes, which has been lovely. Jezz lifted my spirits in troubling times. I just wanted to say a big thank you to him and his excellent service.

Welcoming Smile - February 2017

A lovely welcoming smile, nothing is ever too much trouble. I miss him when he is not working.

Delighted Customer - August 2016

Thank you for your most charming gesture. So unexpected that added to the pleasure.

Very Helpful And Friendly - July 2016

He is always very helpful and friendly.  He makes me feel like a person, not just a customer as he makes time to chat with me.

I Can't Praise Him Enough - June 2016

He went out of his way to help me after many failed attempts with customer service over the phone. He had so much patience and was extremely professional. So calm. I can't praise him enough.

Above And Beyond His Role - May 2016

Jezz went above and beyond his role and helped resolve an issue I had. Jezz made me feel like a valued customer. Little experiences can make or break your day and today, Jezz really made mine.  Thanks, Jezz.

Incredibly Helpful - April 2016

Incredibly helpful, thoughtful and patient.

Random Act Of Kindness - March 2016

Jezz went beyond his call of duty and as a random act of kindness, gave my heavily pregnant wife a bouquet of flowers.

He Makes You Laugh - February 2016

Jezz has very good customer service skills, he is able to listen and resolve any complaints.  He makes you laugh and feel special.

Amazing Helpful And Friendly - January 2016

Amazing helpful and friendly man on checkouts. He allowed enough time to be able to chat and he helped me pack my bags.  He is always very cheerful and it left me with a smile on my face.

Welcomes Me With A Smile - December 2015

Always welcomes me with a smile and nothing is too much trouble. He always goes above and beyond his role.  I always get excellent customer service.

Welcoming And Very Kind - December 2015

Jezz processed a refund for me and was efficient and polite. He was welcoming, very kind and engaging with my two children who were with me at the time.