May 2021

Well, it has been a busy few weeks and I feel I have quickly and progressively started to fit back into work.  Wayne and I have both had our second covid vaccines and that fills me with a lot more confidence, mind you for some I feel it has given a green light to relax a little too much.
I am currently taking some annual leave from work, I am in need of some mental recovery and exploring my options in getting back into the world.
I am supporting a little more true rainbow in my life, what with my partnership badge, my face coverings and a flag in my room, well that is just the start of it.
I finally got my hair cut and went for something a little more radical, well radical for me.  This time I went for a cut-in parting in my hairline and a zero crop, a change from my usual faux hawk.
I have been able to meet up again with my support bubble and friends that have helped me through my return.
I have made plenty of sweet treats and cakes during the lockdown and it is finally showing around my waistline as I have put on over six kilos, I think being back at work will help shift those extra few kilos.
After having a week off where I could actually do something rather than shielding, I returned to work in a full-time capacity and boy did I know I had done a full days work, I ached from head to toe and my plans that I had made to go and see my friend Andy had to be cancelled as the moment I got home I immediately collapsed in a heap on my giant beanbag.

Busy Month


My return to work has been a success as I have managed to settle into my own routine and what is now my new normal. Whilst getting in some much-needed re-training as being off for over a year, there has been a fair number of changes behind the scenes.
I miss not being with Wayne all day as we did in lockdown and now it is a heartfelt goodbye in the morning then some ten hours later it is a hello, only to start it all over again the following day.
Whilst off I have missed grabbing the odd bargain at work but now that has reestablished itself and it has made a massive difference towards what we need to get on our monthly food shop.
With great management and a brilliant mentor at work, I have rekindled working on counters, since they see it as being a really good distance between me and customers and also someone who is more than competent to step up to the mark.
I do not see it being very long before I am back on track and possibly back to the way I was pre-Covid, maybe not totally the same, a person with a lot more compassion towards others, since we do not always see who the person really is at first glance or action.