September 2013

Signed Off

It was my last visit to the fracture clinic today as it was confirmed that they could do nothing else for me, it was only time and exercise now that would heal my ankle.

Winter Veg

Yesterday whilst out with the boys I bought some seeds so as to have some winter crops as I did not want my garden to look to bare after a nice summer crop.
Wayne loves his coriander and rocket, so I made sure I had planted enough, so much so I made use of the larger pots.

Trained Steps

I have done all I can do inside the comfort of my own home and the range of motions are returning and felling less awkward and more like walking, now it is time to put all this rehabilitation back ingot he real world, a walk outside.
I am used to wearing only trainers for running and normally I just wear flat style footwear, that has all got to change now as if I am to venture outside then I am to only do so wearing trainers.
Here goes.