July 2013

One Sock

So far this summer we have had some really hot days and also some cooler ones, but I got a feeling that the usual British summertime is not going to last.
I have noticed in my rehabilitation that the change in temperature is affecting my ankle and on colder days I am having to wear one sock on my damaged foot to keep my mobility at maximum and muscle ache at bay.

No Stick

Long gone are those pesky crutches, I am now walking about as if nothing had happened, well okay I still have to wear my Cam walker until the 7th of August, when I will find out how well my rehabilitation has gone.

New Text Area

The aid of the Cam walker has been great for me to get my mobility back, however taking it easy to not walk too far was the advice given by the fracture clinic and only do as much as I could manage, do not overdo it.
So, when it came to doing the regular weeks grocery shop I knew that I would not be able to manage every aisle with the gusto I usually have.  What made it easy when visiting Asda Burgh Heath was the use of an electric scooter.
You must have seen people on them before and thought how slow they move, but this was not the case for these nippy scooters in Asda.  They turn on a sixpence and make getting about your daily shop with absolute ease, the only problem you might face is it could run out of charge as you are not the only user of this scooter throughout the day, as I soon found out.
I had got most of the way around the store when what I thought was too many heavy items in my scooter basket slowing my scooter down, it then happened, the scooter slowed right down to a standstill, but Asda Burgh Heath being such a friendly bunch, it was just a matter of a staff member getting me another charged scooter and transferring over my shopping to the fully charged scooter.


Sooner or later, everyone is going to experience an ankle injury.  What you do with that injury could make the difference between an ability to function normally, and a lifetime of chronic pain.  The very first thing to remember (even before going to the doctor) is R.I.C.E.
REST: Rest does not mean that you should do nothing with an ankle for days or weeks on end after injuring it.  It means that after you sprain your ankle, you need to get off of it right away to prevent further damage.  It may mean you need to lay off of sports for a while or get a pair of crutches for a few days.  Just remember, studies on football players have shown that injured players who stand on the sideline to watch the game (instead of sitting down), take almost twice as long to get back on the playing field post-injury.
ICE: This is a critical step in the healing process.  Ice is a vasoconstrictor (as opposed to a vasodilator).  In English, this means that ice “constricts” arteriole blood flow at the site of injury and slows down inflammation.  Inflammation, contrary to what most people think, is the release of the chemicals that used to be inside of cells, into the extracellular fluid once those cells are injured and die.  The inflammatory chemicals attract the fluid into the surrounding area and cause swelling.  Some swelling and inflammation is a good thing and actually promotes proper healing.  However, too much swelling causes, among other things, a build-up of scar tissue.  I strongly advise not using anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with swelling because they have been scientifically proven to cause injured ligaments to heal 1/3 weaker, and about 40% less elastic.  Not good for preventing recurrence!
COMPRESSION: A bandage or ankle “sleeve” will suffice here.  This simply helps keep swelling down.
ELEVATION: Elevation helps keep swelling down as well but only if your ankle is elevated above your heart!  Simply propping your foot up in a recliner is not good enough.

Cam Walker

So it has been a few weeks now and I have got used to living my life with crutches, well for the time being anyway.
Today I got a change to my rehabilitation in the way of a Cam Boot.
Pneumatic Adjustable Inflation medical boots (often called Air Cam Walkers) allow you to inflate an air bladder to the needed compression for increased stabilisation of their injury. Air cast cam walker fracture boots accommodate different swelling patterns that often occur during the recovery process.  This gives the ability to adjust the comfort level of the medical boot.
For the first time, I can see the full extent of my injury and I can understand why I was in so much pain as it was not just the ankle that was badly bruised but also my calf area.