March 2020

COVID-19 Diary
Most people in the UK by now have been asked to stay at home and work from the confines of their makeshift office, whilst others have been asked to stay at home due to being in a vulnerable group at a higher risk of becoming critically ill if they caught COVID-19 and then there is the highest risk group that have been asked to shield themselves, either way, there is more people at home than at work.
I have had my concerns all along with how much I may be putting myself at risk and so I agreed with work for some reasonable adjustments but as this virus slowly changed, the world we live in also did and it also affected my working practise. I did my best to stay off the shop floor and work in the warehouse but after advice from my consultant, works health hub and then government guidelines I realised I was still putting myself at increased risk and so the time had come that I had to implement stricter social distancing and working from home.
I’ve been feeling fairly useless since being at home as the majority of my work can only be done at work but with the help of my boss, he has found some tasks that I think he may well have had to get someone to do and instead I have been able to do them from home and I'm starting to feel I have a modicum of usefulness with the company I work for.