January 2017

Mod Man


Do you ever look at your closet and think, what shall I wear today?
I sometimes get stuck in a rut and think, shall I just put on a pair of joggers and a baggy top with some sneakers.
Since working at Waitrose I spend most of my day in a uniform and then when I get home I change into something casual or my jim-jams, but I have found increasingly since being in a group that also has a large social calendar then it also means that there are occasions that I have to wear something a little bit more than just casual. 
For years I have never really had a style other than what felt comfortable to wear and that fitted, but since losing so much weight I can finally get into something more than casual sporty wear and I also now have meaning and need to do so.  Life has become a fashion parade again, my own style, clothes that fit on me and not just hang off of me and now not just an unnamed brand.
Okay, I may never get into the styles that the youngsters are wearing today, but then how quickly they change maybe it is not wise to either.
I have discovered that H&M has a good range of clothes that are trendy, stylish, smart, value for money and above all not in silly sizes.  I can choose to shop in-store or via an app, so I guess when I don't have time to go to my nearest store I always have a delivery service to fall back on.  Another app I like to use to show me more styles and also from other outlets is a very clever app called 'Mallzee', its a tinder-style app but for clothes, you simply search a style of clothes and then swipe left to disregard and swipe right to add to your favourite list.  You can then choose to buy or if you are still unsure or a total bargain hunter then you can set up a price drop alert for that item or all your chosen items. It is simple and transparent with how to order, how much delivery will cost and several options about returning items, you can even choose where you want your items to be delivered to if you do not fancy the home delivery option.
The other place I choose to shop for styles that are a little bit out of the ordinary is Amazon but this does mean that there is no universal size guide as we all know that one designer's idea of a medium is another designers idea of a large.  Okay so it does mean that I have to order and possibly reorder again but with my prime account, it is easy to get delivery to an Amazon locker for collections and returns.
So now I have plenty of choices of what to wear and where to buy it from my next big drama is getting out of the rut of wearing the same things that I feel comfy in, I push myself to step out of the box and wear something different and that people do not expect to see me in, 'Fashion Surprise' is what I call it.
Now having such a choice of different clothes is one thing, but remember what I have actually bought is another, yes I organise my closet in colour order and styles but to remember what best goes with another item or wondering do I have to say a red top to go with those dark grey jeans is another problem all on its own and when I am getting ready to go out the last thing I want to be doing is trailing through rails and draws of clothes and then having the dilemma of having three or four choices when all I want is just the one choice.
That is when I stumbled on the Mod Man app.  Its simple to de-clutter your style and organise your closet with the Mod Man app for men, by snapping the pictures of your clothes and shoes, and organising them with Mod Man, you can browse and search your clothes or add new clothes anytime and anywhere. 

The other great thing about this app is to be able to store your chosen outfits and give them a name or description so for the next time you want to wear a casual red funky number then you just take a look at the section of the app called your 'Lookbook', you can even if you wanted to be really finicky add your underwear to the app so you know what is most comfortable to wear under your clothes. 

If you are still unsure of what best goes with what then there is also an 'Inspirations' section to the app to guide you as to what also would look good with what you own.

So now in the palm of my hand, I can buy my style, choose what to wear from my digital closet and now I am just awaiting the next social gathering.