August 2020

Sport to SUV


I have had my array of cars and the cars I have owned have fitted the person I was at the time.  I have had fun with every single car I have owned and enjoyed every minute driving them.  None of which have been practical, what with the last car my friends called my mid-life crisis car, the Mini Coupe, which though it looked stylish and gripped the road like it was running on rails and when you put your foot down on the gas it left everything behind, even your sole, the only thing it lacked was comfort but then you gave that up for speed and style and instead you got the car that turned heads as you drove past.
Most of my cars have been two-seaters since I have only been looking after myself and one other who gets the privilege to ride alongside me.  That has all changed now with my new car, the Nissan Juke.   
The Juke was a car that was always in the running way before I got the Mini and possibly before I got the Smart car, it was new and funky and one of the first crossover cars for its time and it has come on in leaps and bounds and now with its latest revamp “The New Juke”, It got a whole lot more tech under the hood and plenty of fancy tech for the driver to enjoy.
So you have guessed it, the mid-life crisis over and I am a new man with a new car, yep the Juke.



Well, I guess you are wondering how am I getting on with the Juke?
I have given up speed for tech, sporty for comfort and I own a car that has more fun than you can shake a stick at.  It is a funky little number that I do not have to use a shoehorn to get myself in and out of, it is an all-around comfy ride.
I have filled it up with petrol, parked it and mastered the art of using the fantastic 360-degree camera and I have even christened it with a Nespresso.
It is the Marmite of cars, you either love it or you hate it. 
I love it.

Bohemia Cocktails


When I get a day off of work in the week I am never quite sure what to do with it? I know one thing I will not do and that is waste it.
Today Wayne and I decided to take a trip down to Brighton for a little retail therapy. I had in mind that I wanted some more face masks for work since I have to wear one every day all day and thought it is nice to add to my collection.
We took a walk down the lanes as we usually do and headed to the Dorset for a cup of tea and coffee before we started to shop.

The first shop that I stumbled on was the store where I had treated myself to a leather satchel for work just a few years ago and spotted two gorgeous bags that would be great additions.  I decided on one bag for myself and another one for Wayne that he instantly fell in love with.  Thing is with purchasing any kind of leather bag is that you have got to fall in love with it as it is a purchase you need to care for and let it wear into your lifestyle, it is not the sort of bag you throw on the floor or shove in a corner.  You look after it and it looks after you.

Face masks now are ten a penny so to speak and getting hold fo some funky designs are the key to wearing them now.  If we all have to wear them then standing out and making your own statement is what now makes you different.  I found a few new designs that I think will give my work colleges something to talk about, I mean I wear a different one every day, so I am not about to disappoint my audience, am I?
We also stopped off in a few gay shops and Wayne treated himself to, let's call it ‘a toy’, enough said.
We took plenty of breaks in the day with stops for drinks, chips, gelato and to finish the day off a treat with some cocktails at Bohemia.
Wayne had a Fitzgerald Julep that consisted of Hendricks Luna Gin, Elderflower, Noilly Prat, Cucumber and Citrus and I has a Tiki Smash that was made with Aluna coconut Rum, Wray and Nephew over-proofed rum, lime, pineapple, grenadine and vanilla gomme.

We had a lovely day that was very jam-packed and the weather was just right, it was not to hot with a moderate breeze, perfect.