Where It All Began

Back in 2010, I used blogger as a way of diarising what I had done, days out, meals out, shopping trips, reviews, life-hacks and anything else I thought someone might enjoy reading on a website.

Over time my site got very congested with no real structure and navigation never really played a part as it was just diary entries. I also got hacked off with the way blogger thought it had the right to plaster advertising across my site, I would not have minded so much if I was making money from its existence so I thought it would be about time I paid for some webspace...if only to get rid of the advertising content I could not control.
What came with paying for webspace was not just being able to control what you wanted on there but also an unlimited amount of space and moreover no restrictions to bandwidth, people could view my site at their heart's content.
The site started with a simple blog and got reinvented several times over before I was happy with what I was starting to create and now it is the site that you see today.

Who Is Jezz Warren?

Jezz is someone with high self-confidence, he is quite comfortable interacting with other people and finds the company of others very stimulating and always enjoys meeting new people. His relaxed demeanour makes people around him comfortable too. Perhaps because he feels comfortable talking about himself is one of the reasons why he created this website.
The confidence that helps him feel comfortable talking to people also spills into his personal beliefs about himself. Although he has several strengths he can also acknowledge and accept his weaknesses and putting that down in words, for all to see teaches him how to evolve. Some people never take full responsibility for their actions and regret at a later date but Jezz rarely regrets things he has done in the past and is not embarrassed easily.
Perhaps the defining feature that sets him apart from most people is the exceptionally high standards that he sets for himself as you will see.
He is fond of music, fashion, being different and I guess that is what makes him so creative and yet, on the other hand, he will enjoy and appreciate things that have a clear point and some sort of practical utility.
Jezz tends to think in both abstract ways in terms of metaphors and logically. Therefore, in his work and free time, you will see his “creative juices” flowing.